Diners' Choice 2015 Winner

Carnegie House Restaurant has been selected as a Diner's Choice 2015 Winner.

This means that after dining, OpenTable diners rated our restaurant one of the best.

How are the Diners’ Choice lists created?

Diners' Choice lists are generated from Dining Feedback Forms provided to OpenTable diners once their online reservations have been confirmed as "seated" by the restaurant. Using the Diner Feedback Form, people rate the restaurants and identify any specific characteristics, such as "romantic," or "great for groups." Form data is then aggregated and run through an algorithm to create lists. Factors considered in the tabulation may include some or all of the following, depending on the type of list: total number of forms submitted during the period, average food, service and/or ambiance rating, and percent of respondents who selected a particular characteristic. Note that the number of submitted forms is only used to ensure that a minimum threshold is met. This minimum – which is low -- is in place solely to ensure that results are statistically representative. Once the threshold is met, large-volume restaurants have no advantage over smaller ones. Lists are updated frequently with only recent forms included in the calculations.